Nagpur city, the heart of India should appear beautiful with colourful flowers throughout the year, with such a modest dream the Nagpur Garden Club is working selflessly for the last 65 years. Without expecting much in return the team of earnest hardworking members works for the club from the bottom of their heart. One can say here lays the secret of Nagpur Garden Club’s Success.

Here lays the secret of Nagpur Garden Club’s Success. The club was established in a mediocre house in the year of 1954 as Rose club. Today the club stands tall in its own building with a splendid Garden. Nagpur Garden Club has been regularly organizing flower shows since many years. Nagpur Garden Club is the only club in entire India that is organizing three Flower Shows in a calendar year since the last 46 years.

Beginning of the Rose Club

Almost 63 years before Mr.K.K. Thakur along with his friends initiated the rose club. The club started organizing Flower shows though with very few members. Initially the shows were held in the petite rooms of some club members’ house. The shows were an instant success; the kind of response the shows received was spontaneous, as a result the shows were held in the open outdoor space of the Maharajbag Zoo. But this outdoor exhibition had to face certain drawbacks. The Flowers would lose their freshness and appear gloomy due to sun’s heat. As a result the shows lost the fun. But still without giving up 10 more outdoor exhibitions were held. The club strived hard to generate interest for Roses amongst the Nagpur public.

In the April month of year 1967 the then Police Commissioner of Nagpur Division Mr.Nizamuddin Ahmed held a meeting of the club members at his residence, it can be said that from that day the club actually started working towards its vision. On that day once again the club was renamed as “NAGPUR GARDEN CLUB”. Moto of the club was set as “MAKE NAGPUR GREEN AND FLOWERY”.

Mrs. Kasad was elected as the first President and Mr. C. Sen was the first Secretary.

Nagpur Garden club was registered with Deputy Charity commissioner on 23.04.1971 under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 vide registered no. E-751 (Nagpur).

After registering of the club its first ever exhibition was held at Maharajbag Zoo. Police Commissioner Mr. Nizamuddin Ahmed and the then Air Marshal O.P. Mehra stationed at Nagpur were the real pillar of strength behind the first show. Nizamuddin Ahmed and Air Maintenance Command gifted the Rolling Trophies to the show. It is important to mention that these two rolling trophies are still awarded to the winners of the show.

Motivation of the Club

The work of Nagpur Garden Club was taking shape slowly. The rulesfor club members and for flower show exhibitions were formed. Slowly but steadily the club was taking its shape. During this period rules for the club members and for the show were decided. But still the dreams of green and colourful Nagpur remained a distant one. Late Mrs. T. R. Subhedar, more popularly known as “Leelatai” the real motivation of Nagpur garden Club focused on the Club’s objectives. She was an ardent devotee of the club. Under her true leadership the club flourished. Nagpur Garden Club had become a second home for her. Mrs. Subhedar motivated other members as well; they also started working for the club. Mrs. Subhedar was always enthusiastic to help and guide any individual who approached her for gardening related work. She had a very good aesthetic sense for flower arrangement.

Club Building

In the mean while the Government of Maharashtra presented the club with land for building and nursery at the city’s very prominent West High Court Road. Many people endeavored hard and contributed in the construction of club’s building. Several donations were collected for the building construction. Thus after many people’s hard work and perseverance the Nagpur Garden Club’s building stood up finally in 1973. The club building was designed by DMD Architects; the three partners Shri Dehadrai, Shri Atul Mendhekar and Shri Deuskar are our life members. Today the officers of the club very proudly apprise that Mrs. Subhedar had given her valuable role for this building.

Mrs. Subhedar also developed a strong team of workers that comprised of Late Pramod Kholkute, Sudhakar Hasabnis, Dr. B.G. Kane, Dr. V.M. Goverdhan, Dr. N.V. Shastri, Shirish Joshi and many more who worked devotedly for the cause of the club.

Mrs. M.Anant Narayan mastered Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. By means of shows and teaching, she taught this art to countless Nagpurians. Latter on Mrs. Lata Vyavhahare a member of the Nagpur Garden Club took the baton in her hands to update the Nagpurians about Ikebana.

Compiled by: Mr. Kedar Gokhale & Mr. Shrikant Doifode.