Nagpur Garden Club holds seminar on “Nature & Gardening – The life changers”

In this time of Pandemic, Nagpur Garden Club is keeping the Garden enthusiasts attached to their hobby through series of webinars or on-line seminars inviting prominent personalities in Garden and related fields.

This Saturday i.e. 12th June 2021, Mr. Ravindra Kabra from Jodhpur was invited for the topic “Nature & Gardening - The life changers”

Mr. Ravindra Kabra is very well known and a legend by himself as he has unique Garden with 7500 flowering plants in his premises & an over 5000 pots on terrace maintained single handedly in the city of Jodhpur which has a very harsh and dry climate. His garden is one of the best in India. He dealt with many topics as why it is important to do gardening in life. He also gave information on what, where & when to plant in the garden & even for Balconies. He came up with various simple tricks for Garden maintenance season wise. He also suggested varieties of plants and their combinations for refreshingly enjoyable sensations including fragrances. This was followed by question and answer session. The Seminar was attended by over 100 participants not only from Nagpur but from many places in India like Bhopal, Dhār, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai etc.

Mr. Sharad Paliwal, Past President introduced the speakers Mrs. Sarita Agrawal organised the program. Mrs. Manisha Thakar, President of the club conducted the proceedings. Mr. Deepak Multani proposed Vote of Thanks.

On Saturday the 5 th June 2021, Nagpur’s renowned expert on Reuse of Waste, Mrs. Pallavi Upganlawar demonstrated various creations from waste which included use of plastic cans, mineral water bottles, Waste-paper, Cardboard boxes etc. which are usually discarded and thrown away.


Nagpur Garden Club organized a seminar on Top Oxygen Giving Plants on Virtual platform on Saturday the 29th May 2021.

It was conducted by Mrs Sudipti Bajpai, an expert Gardner from Noida. She explained the need of the hour is having plants in your house to control the Indoor pollution which is normally five times then the outdoor as improper ventilation exists in our dwellings. She also explained about seven top most oxygen producing plants which clean the air by absorbing the CO2 and enriching the internal environment by producing Oxygen. She further described the types of plants and also their maintenance, soil-mix, when & how to water, she also emphasized on light requirements of these plants and where in rooms they can be conveniently placed for their better health and effectiveness. Containers or pots made out of which material should be used was also informed by her. After seminar she answered the questions and difficulties of the participants. The seminar was attended by Garden enthusiasts not only from Nagpur but also from Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Jabalpur, Chandrapur, Wardha etc.

The seminar was chaired by President Mrs Manisha Thakar. Mrs Sarita Agrawal, Chairperson of program committee, co-ordinated the seminar. Mr Deepak Multani, Secretary, proposed the vote of thanks. 

Nagpur Garden Club holds ‘Summer Maintenance of Plants’

Nagpur Garden Club had organized a Virtual seminar on “Summer Maintenance of Plants” on 23rd May 2021.

Mr. Om Jajodia the owner of Krishi Kranti Kendra who has experience of over 50 years in spoke on the occasion and solved the problems and guided Garden enthusiasts. He himself is an Agricultural Graduate of 1964 and a pioneer in the trade having his own nursery and sells plantlets, seeds etc.

He covered various expects like, ways to deal when Temperature rises above 40 degrees Centigrade, Grouping of plants, Irrigation process and timings, when, how & by which method & type. He also covered organic and inorganic fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides to be used in summer. Preparations for rainy season, sowing of seeds for rainy season which have to be done in summer were also covered. It was a very exhaustive coverage dealing in all aspects. In the end he catered to the quarries of attendees to their satisfaction.

Mr. Sharad Paliwal Past President of the club, introduced the speaker and had also assisted him during the seminar.

At the outset Mr. Deepak Multani, secretary had proposed the vote of thanks. The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Manisha Thacker, the president of the club.

Mrs. Sarita Agrawal Chairperson of program committee was in charge of the seminar and she co-ordinated the seminar.