Annual Flower Show 2022 (Virtual)

Procedure to participate in the show -

1. Annual Flower Show 2022 to be held as per schedule i.e. on Sunday 16 th January , 2022 in virtual format. People from any place can participate in this Annual flower show.

2. The show will be held in memory of Late Mrs. Leelatai Subhedar.

3. Request for entry form can be sent on or on the Whatsapp numbers given at the end of this text.

4.Applicants will fill up entry forms and send it on the above email id and make online payment to designated bank account through Net Banking, Google pay or Paytm. Details for payment have been given in the entry form. Entry forms accompanied by proof of payment will only be considered as valid form.

5. Fees –
(i) Entry form – free.
(i)Participating Fees of each category are given in the entry form.

6. Last date for Payment and submission of Forms is January 09, 2022.

7. On receipt of Entry Form, the Club will allot and convey a Serial Number to each participant. This will be his/her Participant Number for the purpose of judging.

8. Participant will arrange his/her exhibits section wise on a table preferably with white sheet placed on tabletop. Place an Identification Card under each exhibit which will bear Participant’s SN Number, Section name and exhibit number. (No name of participant on photo)

  • For example
  • Participant No. 012
  • Section – 54 – Pot of Rose Plant
  • Exhibit No 1.

9. Take separate photo of each entry. Participant will rename the photos in the format – Section NumberParticipant No- Exhibit No. Participant can take multiple photos of an exhibit for better view for judging. Let us continue with example in para 8 above. If the above participant has taken 3 photos of his exhibits, then he will name his three photographs as below –

054-012-1a and 054-012-1b and 054-012-1c

If he has taken only one snap of the above exhibit then he will rename the photo as 054-012-1a

Kindly note that section numbers should be of three digits, and participant number should be of three digits only. So, to ensure proper sorting of photographs section No 54 should be numbered as 054 only and not as 54. Similarly, participant No. 12 should be numbered as 012 only and not as 12.

10. Participants will share the photos via Google Drive or normal attachment on designated email for good quality.

11. For Ikebana and Flower Arrangement entries, the participants will take photographs of each exhibit from four sides. For Ikebana entries, the participant will also take a 360 degree video of the exhibit and send it to the designated email id. . (No name of participant on photo / video)

12. Participants are expected to do Ikebana, Flower Arrangement, Flower Decoration and Carpets themselves

13. All the particulars like Participant Number, Section name and Exhibit number should be clearly visible in the photo for judging.

14. Participant will also send a photo of self on the designated mail id along with the form.

15. All the entries should be received on designated mail id between 9 am and 3 pm on 16th January, 2022

16. The Chairman of Flower Show Committee reserves the right to reject any entry if the Identification Card is not clearly visible or name is printed / typed on photo / video.

17. All the entries received on the designated mail id up to designated date/time will be shared with the judges for judging.

18. Decision of the judges will be final and cannot be challenged.

19. The show will be inaugurated 23th January, 2022 through zoom meeting. Result of the show will be announced immediately after inauguration and prize distribution ceremony will also be held.

20. Whatsapp group will be created especially for the Annual Flower Show 2022 for all communications. The result will be announced in local newspapers and our website

21. Flower Show Committee will prepare an album of the entries which will be released on Club’s official website and Facebook page for public viewing on 23th January, 2022 after prize distribution ceremony.

22. Photo (i.e. Entry) of participants bagging prize, will be watermarked with Prize number and NGC’s logo e.g. 1st Prize etc.

23. Participants are requested to tag themselves to their respective entry photo in Facebook page album, to achieve maximum digital social media coverage to the show which will in turn serve as audience/viewers of the show in Virtual medium

24. Virtual Certificates will be awarded to each participant on Sunday 23h January, 2022. Also a photographs of the participant along with the trophy awarded to him shall be published on the group and Facebook page

25. Details of Prize Distribution ceremony will be informed later depending upon the permissible government guidelines.

26. For further enquiries contact on phone or WhatsApp

Mrs. Manisha Thakar – President – 9422111815

Mr. Kedar Gokhale – Chairman – 9822369002

Mr. Deepak Multani – Secretary – 9822737702

Mr. Nitin Date – Joint Secretary – 9595008836