The club hasn’t stopped by just organizing the flower shows, it regularly conducts classes for basic gardening, budding and grafting of roses, various types of flower arrangements, landscaping, bonsai making, terrace gardens, vertical gardens, growing lotus, water lilies etc., composting, indoor plants and many more. Besides practical, talks, discussions and lectures by experts in various fields are conducted regularly.

Nagpur Garden club has full-fledged library of gardening books. The Library possesses a very rich Collection of Books, Periodicals, Visual materials, Bound Volumes on gardening it’s an another important facet of Nagpur Garden Club. The library holds various types of well-authored books which are very useful to the gardening fraternity.

The club has about 450 members out of which about 250 are life members. They keep on taking active part in different activities of the club. The club members regularly meet at the club office on every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. The members try to resolve the public’s garden related queries. All those who gather at the Nagpur garden club irrespective of their social status have to indulge in gardening, informed one of the senior members of the club.

Nagpur Garden Club’s style is really laudatory as without expecting for much in return and by not refraining to a particular frame the club is achieving new standards daily to amend Nagpur city’s expression of a lush green blossomed city. Efforts taken by the club has shown definite results. Year on year, more numbers of people are encouraged to join gardening. One who is watching the Flower Shows of the club year after year appreciate that the quality and standard of the plants, flowers and flower arrangements has shown as steady improvement. Presently, plants and flower of some of the participants compete with others in national level competitions and win number of prizes. Some rose growers from the city who were associated with the club have achieved national recognition in their area of expertise.